Dedicated server

Your site and your web applications will be hosted on a server that you will handle remotely via a simple web management interface to use that we offer with the server. With this solution you will remain independent and master of your server

  • To install any software or app
  • To reduce your dependency on the web host
  • Improved reliability: one to slow down the server
  • Increased security: only you can access the server
  • Hosting that evolves according to the needs of your site

Linux /MS Windows

  • Intel Processor
  • 1.8 GHZ Core2Dual
  • 500 Go DD
  • Price 90$/Month


Servers' characteristics

Les serveurs dédiés de iWeb sont remplis d'options pour améliorer votre expérience d'hébergement dédié.

  • Remote reboot port
  • Hardware replacement and support 24/7
  • Traffic usage graphs + E-mail notification
  • Up to 6 IP addresses
  • Customer hub access for account management.
  • Administrative access (root) with all privileges
  • 10 Mbps Port
  • Passage to 100Mbps free when necessary
  • Easy management of complaints
  • Free day access to a KVM switch
  • Google AdWords™ credit
  • Plans hébergés de protection de données disponibles, à partir de 10Go
  • Available data protection hosted plans, from 10GB
  • 15 minutes / month software work
  • Filtre anti-pourriel gratuit pour un domaine
  • Free filter spam for a domain
  • Free first level administration package
  • Optional control panels and software

servidores linux windows

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